Moulding and Casting

Design a 3D mould, machine it, and cast parts from it.

Learning outcomes:

  • Design appropriate objects within the limitations of 3 axis machining

  • Demonstrate workflows used in mould design, construction and casting

Have you:

  • Explained how you designed your 3D mould and created your rough and finish toolpaths for machining

  • Shown how you made your mould and cast the parts

  • Described problems and how you fixed them

  • Included your design files and ‘hero shot’ photos of the mould and the final object


Should I read the MSDS and TDS this week?

Answer: 1. It is always a good idea to read these documents.

I want to only make a wax mould, and cast something in it - is that acceptable?

Answer: 1. Learn and go through the 3 step process first . To break the rules you have to master the rules.

Can I 3D print the mold? Can I do a lasercut?

Answer: 1. No, for this assignment you must mill the mould using a CNC milling machine.

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