Congratulations, you have now reached the point of working on your Final Project. The following weeks are an opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of the skills you have developed in the previous weeks. Your goal is to keep it as affordable as possible. Design and fabricate your own parts instead of buying off-the-shelf components. Your project must:

  • be your own design
  • include a fabbed input device and an output device of your own design
  • include other components made with additive and subtractive techniques
  • include 2D and 3D design elements

Have you made a separate Final Project page that:

  • briefly summarises your project

  • includes the BOM (Bill of Materials) for your project

  • links to any weeks that you worked on your final project

  • links to your presentation.png and presentation.mp4

  • includes all of your design files in the archive (no external hosting of final project files - discuss file sizes with your instructor)

  • includes the licence you chose

  • acknowledges work done by others

Have you made your slide:

  • slide: 1280 x 1024 pixels named presentation.png

  • your name

  • the name of your project

  • the name of the Fab Lab

  • photo/render/sketch of your project

  • a brief description of what your project is/does

Have you made your video:

  • made a ~1 minute (10MB/1080p) video of you explaining your project

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