A living collection of tutorials to support Fab Academy, hosted in the Academany Github respository.

Created by Fab Academy instructors/students around the world

Tutorials Guide - How do I contribute?

01. Create a github account if you don't have already one.

02. FORK the academany tutorials repo you can find it HERE

03. Write your tutorial using markdown. If it is your first time we have included a TEMPLATE and a markdown_guide to help you. (Your can use your normal text editor like Atom, Sublime, Brackets, Notepad++)

04. Check at the bottom of the page to see the GUIDE OF TUTORIAL DOCUMENTING

05. Once you are done.Create a pull request to have your tutorial/guide approved by the mighty instructors.

06. Enjoy your tutorial in the tutorials gitbookand thanks for your contribution.


  • If you want to add a tutorial, go to the github to add it and ask to merge.

  • You will find a folder for each week/assignment tutorial.

  • Use the template for creating a new tutorial and keep it simple. LESS IS MORE.

  • Your tutorial naming must clarify the OS and language used in the tutorial. example: shopbot_windows_english.md

  • Create a folder containing your tutorial images and use the same naming as in it.

  • Recommended images size is 800x600 and 72-150 ppi.

  • If you have "side files" embed them in your respective tutorial image folder

  • Prioritize the creation of English tutorials (so everybody can use them)

  • If it is your first time with MARKDOWN language use this guide

  • Don't leave the first line of code empty of gitbook will not index your tutorial.

Don't rely on a single tutorial. Check the the multiple tutorials and look for other resources.

Changes will be made to this document thoughout Fab Academy, additions are always welcome but don't duplicate information, just update the tutorials.

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