Class 6 - The Textile Scaffold


Anastasia Pistofidou

Technical textiles have various applications, among which agrotech, building, clothes, geotech, sports. In this class we will use textiles for composites, polymerisation, UV solidification, concrete casting, crystallization, biocomposites and other applications.

This class focuses on exploring techniques and applications of technical textiles in the industry.

Program outline

  • composites
  • crystallization
  • solidification
  • textile formwork
  • concrete casting


  • Ecoflex
  • Borax, rochelle salt, potasium sodium.
  • UV resin
  • Concrete


Each student can use a different technique to make a prototype of a technical textile application

How will it be evaluated?

  • Documentation on webpage and physical prototype.
  • record the process and make a stop motion.

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