Class 11: Soft Robotics


This class will focus in the study of a specific field in robotics, soft robotics. Unlike rigid robots we are mostly used to, soft bodied robots have similarities and performance characteristics similar to living organisms or the human body. Soft-robotics are based in Bio-inspired design or biomimicry and have applications in wearables, rehabilitation prosthetics, surgical robots and environmental applications. We will focus on the fabrication of soft actuators, sensors and grippers as well as the development of novel materials and artificial muscles.

Program Outline

Biomimicry Locomotion Biodegradability Artificial muscles Actuation mechanisms: pneumatics, electricity, thermal Molding and casting


Silicone rubber mold, 3D printer, heat sealable materials, pneumatic pump.


Create a pneumatic soft actuated device: if you are experienced with casting soft materials, focus on developing gripper using new materials, new designs and even new actuation mechanisms.

How it will be evaluated

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